Sunday, October 14, 2007

Malaysia & The Club of Doom

Abstract from Syed Akbar Ali's book Malaysia & The Club of Doom

"In Malaysia the traffic cops will come in droves on Saturdays and Sundays to issue parking tickets to the exasperated housewives who parked their car on the yellow line to get to the congested and overcrowded wet market. This is another example of Third World Thinking. In the end it is we who tie ourselves down to the Third World. Why can't the traffic cops allow parking at the yellow lines for certain hours near the wet market to allow housewives shop quickly in peace? They are not law breakers but just housewives?"

"This is the hallmark of Third World - plan and policies are put into practice which hinder more than benefit…Islamic countries like Malaysia did inherit a good working system from the colonials but decades of independence sees these systems breaking down."

When the controversial Amendments to the Islamic Family Law Bill were bulldozed through the Parliament in 2005, some of the religious outfits started making the usual tin can noises in the media that 'ONLY those who know the syariah, the ijma, the qiyas etc should comment. Here is an example (from Dr Sarah Haniza Abdul Ghani for Muslim Professional Forum, NST, Feb 16, 2006):

"We wish to state that the Bill is Syariah Compliant... Any criticism and comment on Syariah matters should only be made by parties who are well versed in the source...

Those who have been uncompromisingly critical of the Bill have only exposed their lack of grasp or ignorance of the Masdir al Syariah, the Maqasid al Syariah and the Qawaid al Syariah."

Well without them realising it, the millions of Muslims in Malaysia have been duped into thinking that somehow all the so called Islamic Family Laws are super duper and heavenly... Actually it is ciplak from the British Undang Undang Kristian. ...What has clearly happened is that the Islamic Family Law has confirmed that Section 76 of the Marriage and Divorce Act (UK Law) is now "Syariah Compliant"!

"...whenever something goes wrong, they (Muslims) do blame it on ... conspiracies. ...They do not realize that by endlessly blaming these conspiracies, they are openly acknowledging that they are gullible simpletons. The only conclusion we can draw is that if there are bad wolves in the forest and they are looking for easy victims, they can always rely on the Malaysian Muslims to play that role. But few Muslims want to admit that they had been manipulated by their own leaders ..." (Syed Akbar Ali, page 63, Chapter 4, ibid)

It is ironical that after all the fuss the same undang undang sekular, undang undang barat, undang undang kristian has been adopted to help create two separate legal system.

- Syed Akbar Ali, Malaysia & The Club of Doom, 2006

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